University of Toronto

Office of Convocation

9. Can you tell me if I am eligible to graduate? I have met all requirements for graduation so have I already graduated? Can I get my diploma now?

Only your College or Faculty Registrar’s Office can provide you with information pertaining to eligibility for graduation.  You are considered a graduate of a program once the degree has been conferred.  Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are conferred upon graduating students in the exchange of Latin between the President and Chancellor at the beginning of the convocation ceremony. Even if you are not present at the ceremony, the degree is still conferred. Please note that parchment can not be given out prior to the date and time of the convocation for that particular degree, diploma or certificate as it has not yet been conferred. If you attend your ceremony – you will get your diploma at the ceremony. If you are not attending your ceremony see question 10.